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Visual Merchandising Guide

What a RUN!

Emotion, excitement, tension and fun are keywords, which are not only important parameters in sports but also in the planning phases of shops, SIS areas and product presentations. And seeing that spatial planning and execution require a perfect concept, RUN Retail United has been commissioned to develop a Visual Merchandising Style Guide for the Intersport group.

Intersport is the brand for sports enthusiasts!
The new brand concept “Sport to the People” at POS underlines and cements this statement. RUN Retail United provides a catchy and sophisticated POS presence and supports the Intersport brand brilliantly in its pole position as market leader: Intersport fulfils the needs of the consumers and is thus always ahead by a nose.

RUN visualises this identity-creating concept with the Merchandising Guide aimed at the different sports worlds. In this way, RUN can guarantee best practice in Intersport shops and SIS-areas at an international level; A sure start-finish-victory.

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