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What we do.

RUN Retail United is integrator with interdisciplinary thinking and provides one-stop ready-to-use solutions


At RUN nobody treads on your toes when you want to break the mould. RUN offers many years of experience and up-to-date know-how. This saves time and effort, in an industry where brands need to demonstrate staying power in the fight for market segments. From project management through to production details: RUN knows the way, so that everything RUNS even more smoothly.

Sophisticated customers deserve sophisticated brands, which in turn deserve sophisticated marketing concepts: We will take care of it. RUN has no fear of contact; it is on familiar terms with the brand!

RUN creates brand environments with a claim to integral retail marketing so that the perfect brand and product image is being presented at POS and trade fairs. Everything, as part of a one-stop service. With heart and mind, non-stop... Come RUN with us!

From analysis, strategy development, design, production and installation right through to continuous area maintenance with the help of Visual Merchandising Services. So that your brand remains fighting-fit for another day!

RUN Retail United: Individual. Innovative. Integrative.



Have you sold too much today?

A complaint, which has probably never been voiced; after all, booming sales quite simply lift the mood. Said, but most certainly not done yet. When the desired success doesn’t materialise, innovative strategies are needed to appeal to customers in a better and more individual way. Consumer activation is the magical word!

Analysis, analysis, and more analysis before measures are being set. Our years of experience and expertise enable us to support you in preventing mistakes and optimising processes, to help you seeing problems through different eyes and trying out new approaches. We are strongly committed to extensive research and revision; only an intense study results in new insights.

In general, we differentiate between internal and external analysis:
Internally, all wheels have to be greased and run smoothly. In the ideal case, structures, strategies and marketing plans, as well as all the necessary measures and materials to implement the former, are perfectly coordinated. Externally, the brand’s image is immensely important. How is the company regarded and perceived? Unfortunately, in many cases self and outside perceptions – like with people - don’t match at all. In addition, it is vital to assess, how the product presentation and brand positioning are designed at the POS and at trade exhibitions. The choice of the right place and the focus on relevant customers, buyers and stores are crucial to success.

RUN: Lots of work. But we love the challenge!


Theory isn’t necessarily a grey zone!

Where to begin?

A marketing strategy is like a blank canvas, which has to be filled with lots of ideas and goals. The right approach needs to be prepared well and thought through thoroughly. The first step in the right direction prevents many detours. As „old hands“ in the retail industry we simply know, where the way leads and how to get there.

RUN Retail United learns to understand and empathise with your brand, tries to live it, in order to analyse and comprehend the DNA right down to the last detail. We fill the empty canvas, order thoughts, examine the practicability in terms of available staff numbers, financial and temporal resources, and make sure that your market image is already secured in advance and creates a fantastic impact.

The right strategy and a well and carefully thought through concept include
• Concept and strategy development for a market-conform access or product launch
• Distribution & channel management
• Development & planning of marketing measures with a holistic approach
• Project management & process optimisation

But of course, we don‘t just leave you with a full canvas and then disappear. RUN Retail United stands for joint effort! We accompany you all the way to a successful realization and implementation; we are at your side where necessary and give your company wings, so that you can really lift off.

RUN Retail United: You know where you want to go. We know how to get there.


RUN Retail United finds the right approach


Like a songwriter, telling a story and trying to convey it to the audience, you want to bring the public nearer to your brand. A lot of steps are needed before initial ideas, notes and concepts can be turned into a catchy song or a successful product – into something that people enjoy hearing, seeing and using, and into something they want to give to other people as a present. In order to stand out from the crowd and be innovative, a lot of creativity, creative drive and courage for individuality are needed.

Similar things are true for our collaboration with you: Numerous but equally exciting steps have to be taken in order to get from an explosive idea to a finished product:
• A display for your products
• An exhibition stand of an adequate size and which meets diverse demands (storage, perfect product presentation, conveying of information, meeting rooms)
• A shop or shop-in-shop system of adequate size and situated in an ideal position, which offer the necessary facilities and display windows for a (usually) pre-defined number of products, highlight-themes, information, graphics, cabins and aisles.

We don’t waste time chewing on a pencil but instead start drawing immediately and organising themes, products and categories to be presented. We use three-dimensional models and technical drawings to visualise ideas and develop an overall concept together with you, and thus ensure that all your requests and wishes are met.

RUN Retail United: Your company on the way to success!


From idea to perfect implementation, with RUN’s help you arrive quicker!

Form follows function

In practical terms it is surprising time and time again how many materials are at one’s disposal in production. With the right approach, even displays made from cardboard can have a high-quality and classic effect. In contrast, a bad implementation can make presentation aids, made from expensive materials like aluminium, PS or similar, look „cheap“.

RUN Retail United has a lot of practical experience and know-how in dealing with different basic modules and processes in production. In order to meet your wishes to the best possible extent, we choose the perfect materials and cooperation partners together with you. This guarantees an attractive execution and presentation combined with the best possible flexibility!
Carpenter workshops or synthetic material and metal processing enterprises, cardboard or glass, we know what is popular and how to get it. The partners of RUN Retail United work fast, are reliable and always deliver the requested products on time.

From single item productions for shops, exhibition appearances and showrooms right through to serial production (including prototyping) our production facilities in Germany guarantee very high quality at fair prices.

RUN Retail United: Our production is your perfection!



The right display at the right place in trade

The perfect eye catcher!

We think carefully about design and construction, attuned to your requirements and wishes. Yet, even the most exciting display is a waste if it is positioned at an unsuitable place in the shops. The good positions in shops and windows are hotly sought after – planning and delivery are thus the be-all and end-all here.

We commission, pack and ship the produced goods to central warehouses, shops or directly to (retail) branches. The famous „but“: we are aware that delivered parcels are often left lying around in storage rooms or basements, because the receiver has either not been informed sufficiently and on time or because there is no room in the shop at the time of delivery. Shame for the money, time and effort spent on the production.
Our USP in this sector is the direct delivery with installation and initial placement.

RUN Retail United makes sure that your products and marketing materials are positioned in a suitable and attractive place. Never again will you face empty shelves, blank screens or unfilled brochure holders. An optimised product and market presentation ensures a positive market image in the long-term. In addition, our well trained merchandising teams are happy to provide after-sales services: regular brand and product maintenance, tidiness at the customers and relationship management

RUN Retail United: We make you catch their eye!


Where it's at


A few seats for comfort, some lighting to make everything appear in a better light, a till system and products, which hopefully go over the sales counter in large numbers. Regrettably, it’s not that simple, when it comes to planning a shop or integrating a shop-in-shop solution into an existing shop system. Many companies wish to create brandlands in order to be able to present products in an even more concentrated way – as an expression of the brand’s power - in their own mono-brand stores. Yet, such a realisation requires an exact briefing and a precise idea.

In accordance with our name, Retail United, we offer turnkey solutions with integrated project management: From the broker briefing and the profiling of location & retailer, right through to evaluating the „right“ store size and creating a store concept and design. Together with our partner companies we produce the necessary furniture and simultaneously prepare the interior design (drywall installation, lighting, electrics, etc.). All construction-related and conceptual aspects come together at the finished store, simply „united“.
You receive the key and can roll out the red carpet and open your store; we even take care of the planning of such events.
If so desired, we also take responsibility for additional and complimentary measures, like:
• Training of your (new) sales staff
• Initial outfitting and merchandising of your store
• Development and production of store and merchandising guidelines, complying with your CI-/CD-rules

RUN Retail United: You make a product. We make it happen!


Looks good, feels good too.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the most beautiful exhibition stall?

Simple: Our customers and partners! We give our best for you and use our innovative and creative potential to give your trade fair booth an exciting look and feel.

After all, it’s not that easy to stand out, considering how many brands are wooing for the attention of customers during a few days with their small islands. The brand and product presentation during such a temporary showcasing is extremely important because it’s all about the latest collections, being seen for the first time by the wider public. The response of exhibition visitors will decide whether the coming season will be a success or a failure. During such appearances the most important thing is to make a good impression, so that customers can still remember you and your products after the event.

Here, RUN not only supports your brand in all technical and informative aspects but also assists you with the branding, which is most important because it can reach much deeper levels of reception.

The same is true for the showroom, a brand’s island – emotionally presented, creating a sense of pure well-being, so that the dealer is happy to return, whether he wishes to get information about new products or „simply“ wants to stay in contact over coffee and cake. RUN Retail United strives for an „all from a single source“ philosophy so that your success doesn’t suffer any stylistic gaps: From concept to design and production right through to finished exhibition stands.

RUN Retail United: Let us run your show together.


The Product Is King!


The market puts clear demands on your company, your retailers in turn show individual interests in the products and lastly, you too have your requirements. And that’s the way it should be! We study and understand these parameters and create the right stage for your products.

After all: Only good products with an attractive presence generate a continuous demand. The current market criteria don’t make it easy to position oneself at the forefront. Sensory overload, variety of products and interchangeability hinder the plan to stick out from the masses - that’s why it is even more important to set oneself apart and score with the decisive advantages.

With the help of RUN Retail United you definitely remain one step ahead. We deliver the right solution for you, so that your products are shining brightly at the point of sale. Step by step: Design – Development – Prototyping – Serial Production.

In doing so, we attach great importance to innovative and individual approaches and solutions. However, we always keep an eye on cost aspects and carefully examine the advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of materials. For your products only the best is good enough – taking into account the purpose and service time, flexibility and stability or even transport parameters like the size and weight of pallets.

RUN Retail United: Let us put you on top of the line!


Where classic meets innovation


The combination of traditional, classic product presentation at the POS with new techniques is an unalterable change within the POS and retail marketing sector. Barely any sale area manages without the modern processing of information. Moving pictures simply fascinate old and young, men and women alike.

We develop the concept so that the right choice of multi-media applications is made, from instore TV and/or radio to touchscreen applications. Everything is customized to your wishes and imagination, integrated in displays or adapted to the complete store or exhibition construction. There are no boundaries for creativity here; almost anything can be executed!

RUN Retail United doesn’t just offer the hardware in this sector (the display as „packaging“) but also the entire concept in the background, so that customers and shoppers are entertained and inspired in the sale area and get tied to the brand long-term as a result. The variety and attractiveness of your products can be experienced at their premier without the need for any sales staff. Concept and development, content creation/production and the entire administration, care and maintenance of our PC-free and entirely web-based solutions lie with us – and as usual „all from a single source“. Our comprehensive and fully integrated approach and aspiration isn’t lost in this sector either.

RUN Retail United: Individual innovation and integration for your brand!

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